Vetiveria Taxonomic Information Descriptions

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Vetiver is a distinctive clump grass of tropical areas, and can quickly be recognized in the field. It is native to Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa. The following descriptions can be used to verify identification. Dichotomous keys are under construction.

Vetiveria: Generic Description (10k), with affiliations
From Watson, L. and M.J. Dallwitz. 1989. Grass Genera of the World, and other sources.

Vetiveria zizanioides: Species Description
(4k), with synonymy.
From World Bank. 1993. Vetiver Grass: The Hedge Against Erosion, Allen, C.M. 1980. Grasses of Louisiana., and other sources.

Vetiveria: Valid Species (3k)
From Steve A. Renvoize, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew