Vetiver Bibliographical Information

Especially helpful to new-comers are these three primary sources of information. There is also a Full Bibliography (23k)

Vetiver Grass -- The Hedge Against Erosion.   (general description, 4k; full text to come)
This is the basic summary of the system, now in its fourth edition with over 100,000 copies in print in several languages. A new English edition will soon be available on-line. The "vetiver handbook" is primarily intended to meet the information requirements of fieldworkers and farmers who wish to use vegetative systems of soil and moisture conservation in developing countries. Small-scale engineering concepts are also shown. Copies are available free-of-charge from the Vetiver Network. (World Bank. 1993. Vetiver Grass: The Hedge Against Erosion. 4th ed. The World Bank, Washington, D.C.)

Vetiver Network Newsletter (1k)
The Vetiver Newsletter has been published since 1989 by the Asia Technical Department of the World Bank. It is distributed free-of-charge to members of the Vetiver Network. It provides a forum to exchange current information and serves as the written record of advances in understanding the vetiver system and related technologies. Recent editions of the newsletter are available on-line (1k), and a complete index is under construction. For information from earlier editions, please contact the Vetiver Network.

Vetiver Grass: A Thin Green Line Against Erosion
The U.S. National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council issued the report Vetiver Grass: A Thin Green Line Against Erosion in 1993. The study was sponsored by the World Bank and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with core funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development. A peer-reviewed panel (5k), chaired by Nobel Peace-Prize winner Norman Borlaug, endorsed the "vetiver system" of vegetative hedges as a cheap, safe, and effective way to control erosion and increase soil moisture in the tropics. The panel recommended widespread adoption of vetiver hedges in field agriculture, watershed protection, and civil engineering. The preface to the report will soon be on-line. (National Research Council. 1993. Vetiver Grass: A Thin Green Line Against Erosion. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.) To receive a copy of the report, please send a request to the Vetiver Network.