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  • USDA's Grass Hedges
  • Biomass Energy Alliance
  • CAB International
  • The Rodale Institute (Sustainable agriculture)
  • The International Arid Lands Consortium
  • World Neighbors
  • The EcoRemediation Future
  • Forage Information System
  • Mulched-Based Sytems Group (Cornell University)
  • Farming on Line (UK based information service for farmers)
  • (a project in northern Thailand using vetiver for erosion and fire control)
  • (A project in Oaxaca, Mexico who have developed a Vetiver program and established a nursery)
  • Walle, soil/water scientist worked with Vetiver and erosion control technologies in Honduras)
  • (Seth Dabney of the USDA National Sedimentation Lab in Oxford, Mississippi, USA "Vegetative Barriers - A New Upland Buffer Tool". Site includes text, diagrams and photos to describe the definition, purpose and benefits of vegetative barriers, descriptions of hedge arrangements, how they function, effects on water flow and sedimentation, and more)
  • (Abstract: "Free-living Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria in the Rhizosphere of Vetiver Grass ...", Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. of Soil Science, Chang Mai University, Thailand)
  • (Article: "The Breeding of Vetiver in Plastic Tubes", Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research)
  • (Vetiver technology homepage of Inter. Inst. for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering at Delft)
  • Medicinal Plants Network
  • E.mail addresses