Support for Establishment of Regional or National Vetiver Networksworld.GIF (1847 bytes)

The Vetiver Network (TVN) is prepared to provide financial assistance for the establishment of regional networks (in some special cases national networks may be included). TVN could provide up to US$ 25,000 per network.

Regional networks would be expected to collect, produce and disseminate information relating to the vetiver technology in its use relating to soil and water conservation, land reclamation, embankment stabilization and for bio-remedial measures relating to waste management. The networks would disseminate information via newsletters, technical bulletins, videos, the world wide web etc. The regional networks would be totally independent non profit organizations, but would have informal linkages between other regional networks and TVN.


Only existing or new (for the purpose of becoming a regional network) agencies that can demonstrate (through submitted evidence) a commitment to the technology and experience in use or promotion of the technology will be considered. The regional network must be prepared to share all available information with its network members and with other networks. At this time we are interested in establishing regional networks in China, the Pacific Rim and Oceana (PRO), South Asia, West Africa, Ethiopia (including other countries in the horn of Africa, South Africa and east and Central Africa. Networks already exist for Latin America and Europe. It would be important that networks have access to the Internet.


TVN will fund the regional networks subject to the submission of: a "mission statement", detailed network proposals, both operational and financial to cover a period of two years. If additional funds are required over and above US $ 25,000 it will be important that the proposal sets out how such funds will be acquired. TVN will disburse the funds in two tranches. The first after the network has submitted evidence of its legal status as a non profit organization, and second 12 months later following the receipt of an annual report and statement of expenditure.

If any agency or potential agency is interested please contact: Joan Miller. Email: Joan [email protected]