Vetiver Network Support for NGOs
  The Vetiver Network is prepared to support eligible NGOs with funding up to $10,000 to initiate or expand vetiver technology for soil and water conservation, land reclamation, and embankment stabilization. Funds would be available for propagation of planting material, training materials, technical publications (in local languages), and for farmer support in field establishment.


NGOs officially registered as non profit organizations would be eligible for assistance from The Vetiver Network (TVN). NGOs would need to submit a "mission statement", evidence (photographs, work descriptions etc.) of previous involvement with vetiver (if any) and soil and water conservation, and a current statement of income and expenditure. NGOs that have previously worked with vetiver grass would generally have priority. Apart from carrying out their planned vetiver program, participating NGOs would be expected to run simple workshops to train other NGOs and interested agencies in the technology.

Each NGO would have to submit a simple "project plan", including plan activities and expenditures over two years (1997 and 1998), acceptable to TVN. TVN would expect the NGO to be able to provide some of its own inputs into the project including inkind elements.


TVN would disburse its fund in two tranches. 50% at the signing of agreement with the NGO, and 50% 12 months later.

At the time of submission of its proposal the NGO would have to provide name of bank account, account number, and name and address of bank.


The NGO would have to submit at six monthly intervals a written statement of project progress, including photographs, copies of technical bulletins, evaluations etc. At the end of 12 months and 24 months a statement of expenditure would be submitted. The second tranche of TVN funds would not be released if progress reports and expenditure statements are not submitted.

If any NGO is interested, please contact:Joan Miller E.mail: Joan [email protected]