Call for Preproposals:

Funding Available For Donner Foundation Vetiver System Research Grants

The Vetiver Network is pleased to announce a continuation of its Vetiver System (VS) research grants program. In anticipation of the Third International Conference on Vetiver in China in 2004, TVN wishes to encourage research on the theme "Vetiver and Water". Through the generosity of the William H. Donner Foundation, TVN will award grants totaling $45,000, for research on water-related aspects of Vetiver. TVN will fund up to 50% of the proposed research, the remaining 50% to be provided by additional sources. Applications for funding under $2000 are strongly encouraged, and small enabling grants ($100-1000) are especially favored, as is collaborative and interdisciplinary research. The maximum funding for an individual grant is $9000, which with matching funds would require a total budget of at least $18,000.

Preproposal Process

Provide TVN with a Statement of Research (less than 250 words) which describes the scope of work, including testable hypothesis and anticipated results. Clearly state total budget and amount requested from TVN. Any topic will be considered for funding; priority will be given to research on VS interrelationships with water quality, quantity, and/or distribution. (For those who are interested, the following articles by Dick Grimshaw discuss this topic: Vetiver Newsletter 22 "Vetiver and Water, an Enhanced Perspectiveä and <>). For preproposals considered of potential interest, TVN will request a complete research proposal; the level of detail required will depend on the size of the request and the nature of the research. Matching funds commitments (which can include both in-kind and cash contributions) must be documented prior to award. TVN may also assist, without further obligation, in providing review recommendations and contacts for potential collaboration.


Please send all preproposals (mail, email, or fax) to

The Vetiver Network

ATTN: Donner Research Grants

3601 North 14th Street

Arlington, Virginia 22201

USA; [email protected]

fax: 001 (703) 243-6203

There is no deadline for submission. Further details will be posted on The Vetiver Network homepage (