Editorial from Vetiverim

What did we accomplish during ICV-2?

The Second International Conference on Vetiver organized by the Royal Development Projects Board and the Chaipattana Foundation and held in Cha-am, Phetchaburi, Thailand, 18-22 January 2000, was a grand success. A lot of complimentary letters received by many of us confirmed the point just mentioned. Our hard works put into the preparations of this unique international conference in a relatively short time have really paid off. However, the success of any meeting cannot be judged only by the compliments with respects to the opening, reception, farewell, hospitality, etc. but by what each participant takes back after the meeting. "What did we really accomplish during ICV-2?"

It would be a bias on our part if we think the participants have benefited a great deal from the meeting. Perhaps a few excerpts from those who wrote to us about ICV-2 would be a fair indication of what we have achieved. According to Dick Grimshaw, the Coordinator of The Vetiver Network, "This conference has brought together vetiver users and promoters from 33 countries and has successfully demonstrated and confirmed that Vetiver Grass Technology (VGT) based on the Vetiver System (VS) is being adopted at accelerated rates for a wide range of environmental applications". Mark Dafforn of the US National Academy of Science, put it as "Everyone left with a new infusion of knowledge and enthusiasm". James Smyle, Senior Natural Resources Specialist, Regional Unit for Technical Assistance, Costa Rica, is of opinion that "The overall organization and presentation of the conference, exhibition, technical tour and publication provided were very impressive and reflected an incredible amount of hard work done by the organizing committee. I am sure that the promotion effect of the excellent conference, as well as the information which is now disseminated from it will really pay off in terms of seeing new and greater impacts of the VGT system on the ground. I personally felt both re-energized and better educated on the state-of-the-art of VGT. I promise you I will put both of those to good use in the countries and projects where I am working". Lastly, "It is difficult for me to make particular reference to any specific part of the program without doing injustice to other subjects: all issues were highly relevant and indeed informative for me, undoubtedly also for other participants, something which is bound to be of importance and beneficial for the continued work with vetiver, in Thailand as well as in other parts of the world" wrote Poul Richardt Jensen, Technical Advisor, Danida, Denmark.


Narong Chomalow