Datianshan Landfill, Quangdong Province, China

Vetiver System Stabilization Program

Contact: "Hanping Xia" <[email protected]>

The followinhg is an exciting project for the purpose of rehabilitating a garbage landfill named Datianshan Landfill and preventing its leachate from flowing out. It was conducted by a company named Guanzhou Qiangjing Ltd. Co. and supported by Vetiver Researcher, Hanping Xia. As far as I know, the company has finished at least 3 projects during the past 2 years, of which this one is best. Due to its success, the other parts of this Landfill and another landfill in Guangzhou will also be stabilized with vetiver eco-engineering,

The photos are not captioned but are self evident -- before developement, time of planting, and fully established