China -- Hunan Province -- Cut Slope Stabilization For Railroads

By Xia Hanping -- South China Institute of Botany

Here is some work by another company embarking specially in the Vetiver Eco-engineering, which is called Guangzhou Vetiver Grass Scientific and Technological Industry CO.LTD., Vetiver Industry for short. The comany was set up in Guangzhou in May of this year under my advice. The General Manager of the company is Mr. Feng Ziyuan, Feng is a steady, diligent and careful person. He has been awarded contracts in Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan provinces.

On site vetiver nurseries -- polybagged plants at a railway construction project


Vetiver being planted on very steep cut slope above traditional stonework

Another site showing workers headloading planting material to site

Vetiver planting on near vertical slopes

October 16 2000