Highway Stabilization near Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Images by Liyu Xu. Contractor Madam Zhang


Madam Zhang was awarded a contract to stabilze with vetiver a very larg cut slope that is paert of a World Bank funded super highway. Madam Zhang was a recipient of the 2000

Vetiver Awards Program for her excellent woirk with vetiver in Fujian Province (Pintang Island)

The initial plants grew slowly until fertilizer was applied. Very rapid growth occured. Vetiver did an excellent stabilization job, muvh of the concrete installations did not do so well.


Overview of site

Fertilzing vetiver hedgerows. Note the steepness of the site


Madam Zhang with fertilized vetiveron cut slope

Note following some initial slippage the slope is now well stabilized


Note following some initial slippage over the shoulder of the road the slope is now

well stabilized. Excellent vetiver growth.