Dabie Mountains Conservation Project

This project is located in the Dabie Mountains of Anhui Province, north of the Yangtse River. It is a very poor region of China. The China Vetiver Network with assistance from the Salvation Army of Hong Kong, New Zealand Salvation Army, and Australia Salvation Army planned and executed the project. Some of the early activities in readying the project cab be seen on a previous file. Over the past year activities have increased and the vetiver and crops have grown well. The area is a pilot program and demonstrates how vetiver hedgerows can be used to stop erosion on steep mountainous slopes and at the same time protect and promote the growth of tea, chestnut, and other crops. This particular slection of images recognises the efforts of the agencies involved and the farmers and communities involved.

Sadly last October, whilst returning from the project area the bus which was carrying project and aid officials went off the road, two of the Salvation Army officials and two Chinese project staff lost their lives, and others including Liyu Xu, CVN's coordinator was seriously injured. May this Dabie Project Mountain Project be their memorial.

The use of vetiver grass for soil and water conservation could and should be used extensively in south China, particularly in the middle reaches of the Yangtse River.

Salvation Army officials checking project accounts.
The project and CVN have developed many methods of communication with farmers including books and brochures.

Salvation Army officials at CVN's project office
Looking at a potential dam site during a review of the project

Discussing the project with one of the project farmers
The project silkworm rearing unit

Salvation Army officials looking at farmer responsibilty contract's.
Schools and school children are involved in this conservation project

Vetiver hedgerow protecting a tea garden
Vetiver used to stabilize the side of this mountain road.

Typical vetiver hillside protection, in this instance chestnut seedlings are growing between the row
Good quality vetiver hedgerows

Vetiver protecting tea on a steep slope

Vetiver with well managed tea.