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Welcome to the new (November 2018) Vetiver Network International Forum. Share your views and ideas, and help grow the Vetiver System in both size and quality to the benefit of its users and the Planet at large

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Question and Answers

Q: Why can I not upload images under "Add Progress"?
A: This is a browser issue.  Unfortunately if you use Firefox images will not upload.  Will upload using Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer

Q: Images up load slowly. Can up load be accelerated?
A: Reduce image size before upload, if possible to 50 kb. (72dpi works OK)

Q: I am having difficulty on locating a NEW Vetiver Site when working from my computer at home. What is the best procedure?
A: If you are looking at "satellite" view it is best to switch to "road" (map) view, and assuming that you know the approximate position of the vetiver location, navigate on "road" view to the area. Then switch to "Satellite" view and zoom in to find the exact vetiver planting site.  If the vetiver is an old planting that you wish to record then this link will help you: … atures.pdf. Once you are sure of the location move the marker pin to the spot and save.

Q: I have the smartphone (android) app free from: … and I use desk top access to the IVGT at: What is the best way of using these two entry points to the tracking system?
A: For general editing and and inputting new site data remotely (i.e. you are not at the actual site) the desk top browser is the easiest to use. If you only have a smart phone then you can take the same actions. If you have good connectivity in the field then the smart phone app can be very useful in locating exactly the vetiver planting location. When at the site open the app, click on the "current location" button to place you at the exact spot on the road/satellite view, then place the blue marker on the location and save. Fill in the data under "general information' and you are done.  You can do further editing at home.

Q: How can I show before and after photos for a particular vetiver site.
A: The best and only way to do this is under "add progress" button.  Just make sure that before you add the images that you have sized them to around 50 kb

Q: How best to use back and forward buttons?
A: When viewing the global map view you should only use the back/forward buttons located within the map view (if you use your browser buttons you will exit the app).  When logged in as a user and adding new sites, editing and add progress, you can use the browser back/forward buttons without exiting the app.

Q: How many photos can you add under "Add Progress"?
A: Each time you "Add Progress" you can add up to three photos.  You should add all three at the same time other wise if you add one at a time they overwrite each other


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