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Welcome to the new (November 2018) Vetiver Network International Forum. Share your views and ideas, and help grow the Vetiver System in both size and quality to the benefit of its users and the Planet at large

#1 2018-10-26 19:54:26


IVGT - October 2018 Update

Our Objectives -

The main purpose of the tracking app is to record Vetiver System application sites world wide - of course this will take time and will never be complete!!  But we expect that by having a mass of recorded sites, backed by data that is available to the public will enhance the marketing, promotion and development of the technology.  The more people that we can encourage to use IVGT the better it will be.

Where we stand -

1. The app (for computers) is due to be in a full operational mode any time now.  I am not sure when the iOS and android apps will be available, but hope fully soon. The app will be managed from the Thailand Land Development Department's server. 

2. TVNI has appointed four "administrators" who will cover areas outside of Thailand. The Thais are appointing two administrators for Thailand.

3. TVNI has recommended 22 "surveyors" - basically moderators who will help ensure that vetiver sites are correctly recorded. They have the power to add sites and to edit sites - but cannot delete a site. More "surveyors" will be added later.

4.IVGT Testing - The app has been tested over the past few months and some modifications have been made.  As the app is used more modifications will be necessary.

5. IGVT and the International Vetiver Network Forum  - This forum will be used to provide feedback to the Thai developers, and for the developers to interact with users. I would recommend that you subscribe to the forums under the IVGT category in order to receive emails on current trends, issues and announcements.

More will be posted shortly on the status of the app and on other technical matters.


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