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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How are you all today, its nice to be here and Share what we have found out here in CURACAO.
I have been creating VIDEOS in Papiamento which is our NATIVE Language here in Curacao.

We have been doing some research on this new type of Grass similar as the VETIVER, which every
one is talking about in their Blogs. This VETIVER has many qualities the other does not have,
We have both of them, and this one which we have been documenting and racing our self
in our yards, is in credible. 

You can watch the Videos, the Grow ratio it has and also it provides also Nutrients and Energies
to all the Plants which are in its vicinity and also Cleanses the ground and make it back healthy.

We have also tried to use them in Sewage water, to see the effects and the results of the test.

We would like also to send samples out to see how they would work in other countries and share
the benefits it will provide the agriculture methods or using Nature Farming techniques.

But it has so many good Benefits and we would like to have some professionals of Vetiver
to help us investigate all the benefits it provides.

Below i have all the links and videos. The Vetiver in Curacao was found only in DAM in
Curacao alone, its very strange indeed.

Google Korsow Vetiver you will find all the Links
YOUTUBE  CHANNELS Curacao Vetiver Channels

Thank you love and Light.

You can drop us a Mail if you would like more information
Curacaovetiversolutions (@)


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